Agenda and Announcements

The English Speaking Club of Malaga (ESCM) meets twice a week from October to June, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

February Agenda 2018

6th February
St Valentine’s Day – group discussion.  ‘Love and Marriage’, do they really go together like a horse and carriage? (corny old song)?  Is romantic love a good basis for marriage?

13th February
La Guerra del la Independensia de EspaƱa/The Peninsula War (1807-1814).  An interactive talk.  Come prepared to take up arms and fight – only joking of course!

20th February
The Guardia Civil.  The origins and history of this organisation and how its role has developed over the years including during and after the Spanish Civil War.  Is it still relevant in present day Spain?

27th February
Twenty Questions.  This was a very popular and enjoyable session before the Xmas break but a lot of people missed it so we have asked for a re-run.  This is a take on an old BBC panel game from the 1950’s.  Come prepared to quiz.

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